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Welcome to Kangaroo Kids Pre-School, Madhapur

Kangaroo Kids Pre-School, Madhapur provides premier early childhood education to children. Life at Kangaroo Kids Pre-School is all about learning through play and having fun in a warm, stimulating environment.

Every child is different and we believe that they should be allowed to flourish in their own way.

Our outdoor play area and indoor activities give them everything they need to fill their day with fun.

As a pre-schooler, your child will be at the first stage of learning. Our activities aim to give your child a range of experiences to help develop the right skills and attitudes for later learning.

kangaroo kids madhapur

Kangaroo Kids instills a lifelong love for learning in its students. At Kangaroo Kids, the focus is on customizing learning, keeping in mind that each child is unique and learns differently. It imparts a holistic education based on a path breaking model which has the following pivotal underpinnings:

Learner centric approach:
The programme at Kangaroo Kids is designed with the child at the centre of the teaching-learning model. The curriculum exploits the window of opportunity that arises within 6 years of age.


  • Ideal student-teacher ratio.
  • Multiple strategies to cater to different styles of learning.
  • Interesting and non-intimidating assessments.

Research Based Curriculum:
According to Neuroscience experts, the first 6 years are the most important learning years for a child. Keeping this in mind, the content development at Kangaroo Kids revolves around making the most of the child’s formative years.


  • Dedicated in-house R & D team comprising 80 instructional design experts.
  • External panel of consultants contribute extensively to the curriculum.
  • Curriculum reaches out to multiple ways children learn, based on Dr. Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence.
  • Uses Bloom’s Taxonomy to foster higher order thinking skills like application, exploration and creativity.

Superior Quality Standards:
A dedicated School Improvement Team sets stringent quality standards and ensures they are met in the varied domains, namely:

  • Teaching
  • Learning
  • Administration
  • Environment
  • Leadership
kangaroo kids madhapur
Hi welcome to Kangaroo Kids.

It’s been a long journey since 1993 when the first Kangaroo Kids opened with 13 children in Mumbai. Today we have over 100 schools in India, Dubai and Maldives and growing everyday!

We welcome every new city every new parent every new education partners as part of the great journey. I came from Australia in 1993 with a dream of changing the face of education across India I wanted to make sure that learning could be fun it could be highly engaging and it could be getting children ready for future that is going to be so different from the future that we grow up in.

My only dream was to offer an education which sets the child at the centre, and in 20 years that still remains the unchanged core of our education philosophy. We believe that every child is unique and has a gift which we need to discover and nurture. This is why we have a 360 degree delivery model of curriculum, infrastructure, teaching methodology, operational processes, policies and quality benchmarking from the learner’s point of view.

I sincerely hope that in years to come we will be able to create a society in which every child claims his or her right to quality education and a joyful childhood.

Lina Ashar


Kangaroo Kids vision is to ignite human greatness in each child by identifying and nurturing each child’s unique gift, to foster in them a love for continuous learning, to develop their talent for creative thinking and build respect for hard work. As an innovative, vibrant, agile and energetic organization, KKEL is committed to enhancing the social fabric and creating enduring stakeholder value for every life it touches.

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